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Hello! I´m David Peresenda and I invite you to travel through the world of Water Rescue and Lifesaving.All my life I´ve been closely related to water thus taking part in different water activities such as swimming, sailing, diving, rescue swimming, lifeguarding, etc.-Over the last fifteen years, I´ve been devoted to teaching, training and coaching Lifesaving Professionals, as well as studying and introducing new techniques in prevention, safety and water lifesaving. My profession has become my lifestyle which has made me travel all round my Dearest Argentina and abroad, getting acquainted of different water spaces such as pools, lakes, dams, rivers and oceans. This site has been developed to provide both Lifesaving Professionals (lifeguards, rescue swimmers, rescue workers, firefighters, first responders, etc.) and people interested in water lifesaving with updated info. In times where catastrophe and accidents take lives, this site bets on Life and living for a good cause. Come on! Join in!!

David Peresenda Director de aguaseguras.com

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